Laser Fume Extractors

Many laser applications produce hazardous fumes that can have negative health effects on operators and potentially damage expensive equipment. Sentry Air Systems offers several different styles of source capture fume extractors that can be easily integrated into a variety of laser systems. These mounted and portable units are designed for particulate and gas extraction for applications such as laser cutting, laser welding, welding marking, laser engraving, and much more. Filtration media for these systems is selected depending on the application being performed, but typically involves either: HEPA Filtration, ULPA Filtration, Activated Carbon, or specialty-blended filtration media (i.e. Gas or Acid Filters).

The modular design and sturdy construction of Sentry Air laser fume extractors offers a solid solution for your laser fume control needs. Several capture configurations are available and include exhaust port connection models (typically connected with flexible hose), standalone source-capture units (not mounted to laser unit), and multiple exhaust port connection options. These systems can be an effective and economical tool for air quality enhancement in many commercial, medical, laboratory, and industrial laser fume applications. Sentry Air System's Laser Fume Extractors are compatible with most Epilog Lasers.

For product details, click on the individual products below or visit this blog entry to read about general laser fume information and health effects. For those seeking a positive-pressure air purification system that provides a particle-free working environment for laser optics applications, please visit our Portable Clean Room Hoods page.