About Sentry Air Systems, Inc.

Founded in 1983, Sentry Air Systems, Inc. engineers clean air through the design and manufacturing of high quality air purification systems. Our patented line of quiet, compact and durable air cleaners offers simple and effective solutions to fume control and extraction.

Our line of floor, bench top, mounted and portable units serve a variety of applications including welding, soldering, manufacturing, laboratory and pharmaceutical operations. We offer several types of filter media including: ULPA, HEPA, ASHRAE, Carbon, and specialty blended filters. At Sentry Air we stringently test our filter media against a variety of chemicals.

Our units are designed with the end users comfort and durability in mind. We have taken great care and consideration to develop a line of products that will serve your fume extraction needs. Our - 200 Series - units are excellent table top and portable fume extraction systems. This small, efficient, and economical line can be an excellent choice for solder fumes, solvent fume extraction, powder extraction, and various other applications that require a compact yet highly sturdy fume extractor.

The - 300 Series - units are mid-sized yet extremely portable. Utilizing a small amount of space these powerful fume extraction systems also combine HEPA Filters, ULPA Filters, Carbon Filters, Acid Gas Filters, and various other specialty blended filters. From portable fume extractors to tabletop systems, the 300 series offers a variety of configuration options for welding fumes, powder extraction, pharmaceutical compounding, solvent fume extraction, and many other applications.

The - 400 | 450 series - units are designed for high flow fume extraction. This powerful line is slightly larger then the 300 models and has correspondingly higher airflow and filter capacity. An extremely durable, quiet, and economical line that is also modular to fit your needs. Typical applications addressed by the 400 series include: welding fume extraction, light grinding dust, powder extraction, solvent fume extraction, and a variety of applications involving chemical fumes and dusts. The model 400 also utilizes HEPA Filters, Carbon Filters, Acid Gas Filters, and various other specialty blended filters.

Drawing on our vast knowledge of air purification devices, we introduced our ductless fume hoods, portable clean rooms, and ducted exhaust hoods. Our fume hoods are extremely well built, economical, and highly effective for solvent fume extraction, powder extraction, solder fumes, capsule filling, and several other applications requiring a fume hood with negative pressure. Sentry Air Systems portable clean rooms can be an excellent choice when a positive pressure laminar flow hood is required. These systems are predominantly used for bench top clean room environment applications.

We are continually engaged in an ongoing effort to develop new accessories and new high quality air purification systems all of which incorporate our motto "Simple Solutions for Cleaner Air"™.

Owned & Operated in Houston, TX

In 2015 Sentry Air Systems moved into new headquarters in northwest Houston, Texas. This 44,000 SQFT state-of-the-art facility symbolizes our continued growth and expansion as a company, and will be the cornerstone on which we build our future. Sentry Air Systems looks forward to what lies ahead while continuing to provide excellent customer service and superior air filtration products.



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