Sentry Air fume extraction arms range in size, composition, and modularity

A family of extraction arms and hoses

Not all arms and hoses are created equal. And that’s a good thing because customers don’t need all features and benefits for all applications.

For example, users may evaluate arms and hoses based on their ability to resist chemicals and/or moisture and/or abrasion.

Flame-retardant properties are necessary in some environments and the shape of the capture hood may be significant in other environments.

Of course, length and diameter are always important considerations.

Because needs vary, we offer a variety of extraction arms and hoses. Each can be configured with more than one fume extractor model for air volume appropriate for the application.

Additional benefits of modular design

We can also attach our extraction arms to accessories, such as elevated stands, as shown in the drawing of the Model 500 Dual Stand Assembly below.

Drawing of Sentry Air's Model 500 Dual Stand configuration with heavy duty 10-ft fume extraction arms.

This configuration provides two welding stations in hours, not days, because it doesn’t require remodeled ductwork and is powered by standard 115/1/60 power.

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