Acid Gas Filter Media

The word “acid” in chemical applications typically carries the connotation of a corrosive, toxic, and generally nasty substance that must be handled with extreme care. This comes with good reason: any concentrated acid presents a serious potential health hazard to the user. However, the properties of these acids make them very useful in a variety of applications. Some typical applications include pickling (removing rust and corrosion from metals), as electrolytes in batteries, mineral processing, precious metal testing and etching, and dissolving and forming salts.

Since most strong acids (such as HCL, HNO3, H2SO4) are dangerous at even diluted concentrations, great care is needed when handling and using acids in their various applications. The two major health & safety concerns when handling acids are skin & eye contact and inhalation of the vapors/gases.Consequently proper protective equipment is needed when handling acids. This equipment includes, but is not limited to eye goggles, gloves (Butyl, Viton®, or Neoprene), aprons, long sleeve-shirts, pants, and closed toed shoes. To protect against inhalation of acids gases proper ventilation in the form of vent or fume hoods is recommended. Ductless fume hoods with the proper filter media, can also greatly reduce exposure to acid gases.

When using ductless fume hoods for acid gases, it is essential that the appropriate filter media is selected. Standard activated carbon is not acceptable and will not absorb or neutralize the acid gas. Only activated carbon that has been impregnated with acid neutralizing chemicals will suffice. (MSDS sheets are provided on request) Sentry Air Systems offers this specialty carbon filter media for use in acid gas applications.Multiple tests demonstrate that the concentration of the acid gas is reduced significantly (greater that 99%) after passing through the impregnated carbon filter media. Moreover, the acid gas filter media has a high filter capacity as it absorbs roughly 17% of its weight.

If you would like more information about the acid gas filter media or if you would like to find out if your acid gas application will work with a Sentry Air Systems unit, please contact your sales representative: or 713-690-2153.