Refillable Carbon Filter

Sentry Air Systems is excited to make available a 10lb refillable carbon filter, compatible with our 300 Series fume extractors.

SAS Refillable Carbon Filter Frame

This is the second refillable carbon filter frame for our product line, following our larger 60lb refillable carbon frame for our Model 500 fume extractor.

Compared to standard non-refillable carbon filter frames, our new 10lb refillable frame will save customers both time and money.

No more waiting on delivery trucks

Instead of placing a filter order with the manufacturer and waiting on assembly, shipment and delivery, customers will be able to use their own bulk carbon to refill the frame as soon as the filter becomes saturated.

More money in your wallet

Each time you place a filter order for non-refillable frames, you have to pay taxes, shipping and handling charges in addition to the cost of the filter. With refillable frames you only pay that once, then simply pour a new filter when you need it with bulk carbon.

Series 300 Fume Extractors

If you currently use any of our Series 300 fume extractors, and your application requires carbon filtration, contact your Sentry Air rep for a free quote.

For those looking for odor, VOC or fume removal, contact Sentry Air for a free application assessment and quotation.

For more information about Sentry Air activated carbon filters, visit the links below:

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How an Activated Carbon filter works

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