HEPA Filter Longetivity Spray Test

Sentry Air Systems has performed multiple efficiency tests over the years. In this particular study, we tested the efficiency of our HEPA filter in a Sentry Air Ductless Spray Hood while spraying Colorplace Interior/Exterior Fast Dry Spray Paint. Overall, 40 cans (400 oz.) were sprayed.

3 Standard Filters were loaded into the Spray Hood:

The Sentry Air HEPA Filter [up to 99.97% efficient on particles 0.3 microns and larger]

The Pre-filter Pad

The Spray Pad

To determine the longevity of the HEPA filter, the airflow was measured throughout the test.

The Results

The initial airflow measurement was 138 Feet per Minute.

Pre-Filter & Spray Pad were changed every 5 cans.

Post- Test Results: After 40 cans of spray paint, airflow measurements were unchanged with an error rate of ± 5 FPM.

The Particle Count at the outlet of the Spray Hood during Spraying Operation [using a Laser Particle Scan Pro]: 0

For the pdf version of these test results, please click here.

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