Sentry Air’s ambient air cleaner at the Children’s Museum of Houston

Chidren's Museum of Houston Maker Annex with a Sentry AIr ambient air cleaner suspended from the ceiling.

We edited this photo to emphasize the Model 700. We’ve included a black and white segment of the same photo to show you we removed nearby power cords and darkened the ceiling lights.

We’re happy to report our Model 700 Ambient Air Cleaner is efficiently doing its job in the Chevron Maker Annex at the Children’s Museum of Houston.

Almost camouflaged

The Model 700’s light color allows it to practically disappear into the pale-colored ceiling tiles used in the maker space and common to many facilities.

Violin cut out at the Children's Museum of Houston.

This wooden cut out of a violin shape seen at the annex was accomplished with a laster cutter.

Kids using the maker space engage in many fume-producing activities, including soldering, 3D printing, and laser cutting.

One situation known to create renegade fumes is using the laser to cut wood.

Even after the wood piece is removed from the laser cutter with a fume extractor attached, it continues to off-gas foul-smelling fumes that reflect the composition of the wood.

Some wood products contain epoxies and chemical preservatives, even polymers.

Via its high heat, the laser thermally decomposes some wood components, causing tiny particles to become airborne.

They shouldn’t be inhaled.

Taking up zero floor space, the ceiling-mounted Model 700 captures particles in its HEPA filter and chemical molecules in its 8-lb activated carbon filter.

The installation

When planning the installation of our air cleaner, the Maker Annex’s benevolent overlord (also known as Brent Richardson, recently profiled on our Facebook page) took the opportunity to have additional power cords installed to serve two workbenches in the middle of the room.

As you can see in the photo, the workbenches can accommodate laptop computers as well as any powered tools necessary to complete specific projects.

When the power cords are not in use, they are hoisted out of the way and up to adult height.

Brent also had the Model 700 installed on a dedicated circuit, with an on/off switch located near the entry door.

Want cleaner air in your workplace?

Our Model 700 Ambient Air Cleaner can be figured with a variety of filter types, singularly or in combinations appropriate for your processes. Please contact our applications specialists for more information. They’ll work with you to determine a solution for your workplace air quality problems. Email, call 800.799.4609, or use the feedback forms at



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