Product Spotlight: Pharmaceutical Compounding Hoods

Sentry Air Systems’ Pharmaceutical Compounding Hoods help pharmacists or pharmacy students safely compound, measure, and weigh prescription dosages.

Because of the serious health risks associated with exposure to hormones and powders involved in pharmaceutical compounding, respiratory precautions should be taken. Sentry Air’s ductless compounding hoods utilize a powerful fan and filtration system that pulls harmful contaminants away from the operator’s breathing zone and directly into the HEPA filter, which purifies the air and redistributes it back into the room as clean air. Utilizing a portable ductless system conserves space and purifies air so that harmful particles are not distributed back into the air and environment, which would be the case with a ducted system.

Sentry Air offers several unit configurations for pharmaceutical compounding. The two most popular units (pictured below) are our Ductless Fume Hoods and The Winged Sentry (a bench-top unit with wings and optional top):

40 inch wide hood for pharmaceutical powder compounding[Model SS-340-DCH shown above]

[Model SS-300-WSL shown above]

Pharmaceutical Compounding Hoods can be used for applications such as:

· Compounding
· Powder Weighing
· Capsule Filling

For assistance in choosing the appropriate Pharmaceutical Compounding Hood for your application, call one of our Applications Specialists at 1.800.799.4609 or email us at