Need a complete room air scrubber? Consider a secondary engineering safety control

A comprehensive indoor air quality plan should include secondary engineering safety controls.

While source capture fume extractors eliminate hazardous particles at the source of emission, secondary controls scrub the ambient air of particles and dust commonly found in indoor environments.

By combining source and ambient controls, overall air quality increases resulting in a healthier and more productive work environment.

Good, Better, Best Air Filtration Coverage

There are many ways to tackle indoor air quality. The graphic below demonstrates varying levels of air cleaner effectiveness in relation to overall room coverage.

Sentry Air Systems Air Cleaners Graphic

In short…

Good Coverage: Source Capture Fume Extractor

Better Coverage: Source Capture Fume Extractor + Single Room Air Cleaner

Best Coverage: Source Capture + Complete Room Air Coverage

As you can see, by implementing a source capture fume extractor you are able to arrest hazardous fume at the source of emission (Box 1 – Good). This dramatically decreases the amount of harmful fume becoming airborne.

However as the first box illustrates, ambient pollutants are still present in the air. This most likely occurs from doors and windows being open, HVAC systems cycling air and dust being agitated.

In the second box we added a single secondary engineering safety control (Box 2 – Better). This is a filtered air cleaner hung from the ceiling. It works to pull air through the filter chamber and then exhaust cleaner air back into the room.

As you can see, a majority of airborne particles are filtered through the air cleaner. However depending on the work environment, an additional air cleaner may be needed for adequate coverage of the room (Box 3 – Best).

Additional benefits

Beyond air circulation and filtration, secondary controls aid in:

  • Ridding air of nuisance odors, resulting in fewer odor complaints.
  • Working towards workplace air quality standards compliance.
  • Promoting a healthy and productive work environment.

Model 700 Commercial Air Cleaner

cover_illus-01Sentry Air Systems’ Model 700 Commercial Air Cleaner is a great option for a secondary engineering safety control.

With multiple filter combinations and mounting configurations, the Model 700 is appropriate for a variety of applications and easily implements into an existing room.

Features and Benefits

  • Ductless Technology. Zero ductwork is required. Model 700 works independently from a building’s HVAC and exhaust system. No make-up air is required, savings thousands in annual air heating and cooling costs.
  • Multi-Filter Chamber. In addition to the pre and post filter, the Model 700 holds up to two main filter cartridges. This allows for filter stacking applications that require both odor and particulate control.
  • Multi-Mounting Options. The most popular installation configuration is ceiling suspension. The unit can also direct mount to a ceiling or wall. For environments with tall ceilings or open layouts, mount the unit to our Elevated Stand for greater placement opportunities.
  • Low Energy Use. The Model 700 only uses 4.9 amps, which is very minimal when compared to similar commercial-sized air cleaners. This low energy design means less money comes out of your pocket each year in electricity expenses.
  • Compact Size. With dimensions approximately 32” long, 24” wide and 14.5” high, this unit is great for small and mid-size environments. Its compact design and light colored powder coating do not overwhelm an office or lab setting.

For more information about the Model 700, visit our product page, read an earlier blog post about it, and check out our YouTube video.

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