Ambient Air Cleaner for Welding Shops

Although source-capture fume extractors are a very effective respiratory engineering control for welding operations (an example is pictured below), it is also wise to consider a complementary ambient air cleaner with high air volume and high-quality filtration media to capture any smoke or particulate that may escape from welding operations or other processes occurring in your shop.

Sentry Air’s Model 400 Welding Fume Extractor is pictured above

Sentry Air’s Free-Hanging Industrial Air Cleaner [Model # SS-2000-FH] is a self-contained and recirculating air cleaning system that does not require ducting of any kind. It can be suspended from the ceiling in the most effective position based on the arrangement of your shop. Depending on a variety of factors (building size, ceiling height & area, shape, contaminant generation rate, types of contaminants, existing air flow conditions, physical conditions, desired particulate count, etc.), it may be beneficial to install more than one ambient air cleaner.

This unit also features two-speed operation control, a four-way adjustable grill, and a low-maintenance filtration system.

The Model SS-2000-FH Free-Hanging Air Cleaner is pictured above.
In-House factory testing in a 40,800 ft3 workshop in Houston, TX indicated an 87% reduction in airborne particulate after 50 minutes with two model SS-2000-FH units. The dual-stage filtration system is composed of a pre-filter, which effectively removes particles 3 microns and larger at an efficiency* of up to 70%, while the main bag filter captures submicron particles 0.3 microns and larger at an efficiency* of up to 85%. [*According to ASHRAE Standard 52.2]

Industrial Ambient Air Cleaners are also good options for workshops that perform sanding, buffing, automotive refinishing, woodworking, grinding applications, and other processes that produce smoke, dust, and certain fumes.

For assistance in choosing an air cleaning/fume extraction unit, or combination of units, that will help to improve air quality in your welding shop, please call Sentry Air at 1.800.799.4609, email us at, or fill out this form for more information.