Cigarette and Tobacco Smoke Extractors

A common complaint in environments where tobacco smoke or electronic cigarette fume is present is the haze that fills the room. Not only is it visually unpleasing, it poses respiratory hazards to those in the room which could trigger allergy symptoms such as headaches, migraines, watery or itchy eyes and coughing. By utilizing smoke eliminators or exhaust fans, you will not only help protect the respiratory zones of those in the room, you will also help to cleanse the air and make a room feel more comfortable.

Sentry Air Systems line of smoke eaters and room air cleaners are an excellent solution for restaurants, bars, lounges, clubs, game halls, entertainment venues, breakrooms, homes and any other environment where tobacco and cigarette haze exists. These units come equipped with high quality HEPA filters that attract and trap smoke, dust, allergens and other particulate within its woven structure. Our larger units can combine HEPA with Activated Carbon Filters to adsorb the odorous, chemical molecules commonly found in tobacco smoke. A key difference in our smoke extractors is the filter media. We hand assemble each filter using only commercial-grade HEPA and carbon media. As a result, our filter effectiveness and longevity are substantially greater than many off the shelf or after-market filters.

Our units’ plug-and-play operation and compact design make them a seamless addition to environments where tobacco smoke and e-cigarette vapor is present. Whether you want to capture smoke at the source of emission or remove the haze in a room, our line of tabletop, wall-mounted and portable smoke extractors will help improve the overall quality and comfortability of a room.