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Inline Duct Fan

The Inline Duct Fan provides airflow for air evacuation systems such as ducted fume hoods. The energy-efficient inline duct fan was designed to fit exhaust ducting to remove harmful fumes from a workspace. This unit can be fitted to van stone type flanges, existing ductwork, or ducted fume hoods. The mountable wired remote control allows the operator to turn the unit ON/OFF and adjust the airflow from 240 to 700 CFM. The inline duct fan offers an economical solution to exhaust harmful fumes.

Inline Duct Fan

Model # SS-XXX-XXX

What is an Inline Duct Fan?

Inline duct fans are cylindrical fans that are placed inside a section of ductwork in order to pull air from a designated area or envrionment. Typically, these fans are used in scenarios where a standard ventilation fan is not strong enough to pull air all the way through the ducts, or where an air filtration system can not be added to the exterior of the buiilding.

Why choose an Inline Duct Fan?

Using an inline duct fan is recommended if::

  • Aesthetically, you do not want to see the fan
    When utlizing extrernal exhaust ducting, commomnly there are cosmetic reasons for a building to not allow for extra exterior ducting to be allowed. In these situations using an inline duct fan maintains the non visible appeal whilst ensuring quality exhaust from the working environment.
  • Space is limited to fit an external filtration system
    Inline duct fans fit commercial buildings, factories, and warehouses best where space is limited and additional filtration is required to vent exhaust out of the building.
  • You do not have access to the external ducting outlet
    When realizing that your application will require you to have an additional fan added to your ducting work, it can be problematic to the exisiting ducting vent or on the top of the building due to restrictions or access. With an inline ducting fan, you have the ability to place the fan directly above the hood requiring little to additional resources for installation.
  • Existing ducting fan has low cfm
    In many cases the ducting shaft may be too long and not have enough cfm to pull the air to the exterior vent. In this situation, a single fan does not provide enough to remove the exhaust, thus requiring an inline or external fan to be utilized.

Benefits of an Inline Duct Fan

  • Provide successful ventilation, preserving building integrity
  • Provide powerful venting for efficient moisture removal
  • Remove ventilation placement limitations
  • Quiet ducting exhaust
  • Less maintenance required

Inline Duct Fan

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- 12.186” H x 15” Diameter

16 ga. carbon steel

13 lbs

115/1/60, 2 peak amps
220/1/50, 0.75 amps

Alarm Sound Level:
48 to 71 dba (Low to High)

Down to 240 and up to 700 CFM

Limited two-year warranty from date of shipment on defects due to materials or workmanship.