Pharmaceutical Powder Containment Hoods for Compounding Applications

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Sentry Air Systems Pharmaceutical Powder Containment Hoods allow pharmacists or pharmacy students to safely compound, weigh, or measure prescription dosages.

These ductless systems utilize a powerful fan and filtration system that pulls harmful airborne powder and particulate away from the operator’s breathing zone and directly into the HEPA filter, which is up to 99.97% efficient on particles 0.3 microns and larger. Other filter media options are ASHRAE [up to 95% efficient on particles 0.5 microns and larger] and ULPA filters [up to 99.9995% efficient on particles 0.12 microns and larger].

Sentry Air’s Pharmaceutical Powder Containment Hoods are portable and ductless [no exterior ducting required]. These units also feature a variable speed controller for manual air volume adjustment and an optional Magnehelic Gage to monitor filter saturation.

Pharmaceutical Powder Containment Hoods can be used for powder weighing, capsule filling (tablet encapsulation), compounding creams, and a variety of other processes that require containment and filtration. Our line of pharmaceutical powder containment hoods are not intended for sterile compounding applications.

Testimonial from Empower Pharmacy
"I needed to find quality hoods at reasonable prices, without all the frills and useless gimmicks a lot of other companies out there are adding to their products and I found the perfect hoods for my needs with Sentry Air Systems [.] My technicians loved the quality and effectiveness of the hoods and complained only about the small size of the opening where they did their work. Sentry quickly redesigned custom hoods to my needs, took away the old ones and replaced them on the spot. Now my techs are loving the new hoods and I couldn't be happier with the excellent service I received."

12", 18", 24", 30", 40", 50", 60", & 70" Sizes Are Available

Custom Sizes and Modifications Are Available