Sentry Air Celebrates 30th Anniversary

America loves entrepreneurs. We are sure they are smart and energetic and full of good ideas. We see those qualities in the goods and services they offer.

More difficult to see is the sheer determination they exert in order to will a business into existence – and then keep it there for thirty years.

In the photo above, Sentry Air founder and president, Bryan Rossnagel accepts a 30th anniversary plaque from employees.

Bryan started the company AND he invented the small, powerful air purifiers that sustain it.

There’s a certain risk in posting this blog, a risk that it could be perceived as a standard press release and be ignored for that reason.

This blog is not a press release. It is straightforward acknowledgment of every barrier, visible and invisible, that had to be overcome in order to build a company that thinks all workers deserve to breathe clean air.

Sentry Air has become a thirty-year-old company because of Bryan’s determination to make it so.

May the next thirty years be just as successful.