Mist Collector

Product Spotlight: Mist Collector

Sentry Air Systems is proud to spotlight the Model # SS-300-MIST (Mist Collector). This revolutionary machine is designed to filter and collect oil mist, water mist, and other coolant mist present in CNC machining or tooling. The efficient system includes a washable MIST filter, activated carbon pre-filter, and a HEPA filter. The compact mist collector utilizes a unique system of collecting and recycling the coolant mist back into the enclosed machinery. This will save the consumer money and prevent excess waste. The Mist Collector was engineered to be a green unit as it has minimal power consumption, drawing less than 3 amps of energy. Overall, this unit has a compact footprint and is very easily integrated into any enclosed CNC machine.

SS-300-MIST (Mist Collector) shown on top of a CNC machine

Benefits of using a Sentry Air Systems Mist Collector:

There are many benefits of using the Sentry Air Systems Mist Collector. Based on customer feedback these are the top results:

  • Significant reduction in oil mist in the shop
  • Keeps the oil mist off the expensive machinery
  • Efficient use of coolant with the recycling of the fluid back into the CNC machine
  • Simple and inexpensive maintenance
  • Easily integrated into existing CNC machines

For more information on the SS-300-MIST (Mist Collector) contact sales@sentryair.com.

View this product on our website: http://www.sentryair.com/specs/mistcollector.htm