Solder Pot Fume Removal-Solder Pot Sentry

Product Spotlight: Model 100-Solder Pot Sentry

Model 100 Solder Pot Sentry Shown Above

Solder pots or soldering pots are portable and primarily used in applications for melting solder, dipping small circuit boards, pre-tinning small electrical parts, re-tinning soldering iron tips, and tinning the ends of wire leads. Solder pots can be extremely useful when a consistent temperature is required. Although these are very useful systems, it is imperative that the safety aspect of solder pots are evaluated closely. Apart from the molten solder inside these systems, there are some other safety concerns that need closely examined. It is essential that these systems are utilized in a well ventilated area. Further, the use of a source capture fume extractor should be present to protect employees from harmful particulates and fumes. The fumes and particulate can be present the entire time the solder pot is in operation. The smoke from melting solder has been associated with many medical conditions ranging from colophony to lead poisoning. In addition, it has been reported that chronic respiratory diseases can emerge without the use of an air filtration system when employees are exposed to a solder pot.

Sentry Air Systems developed the Model 100 Solder Pot Sentry to help remove hazardous fumes and particulate from solder pots. The Solder Pot Sentry utilizes a HEPA filter which is up to 99.97% efficient on particles .3 microns and larger. This unit sits on an adjustable steel stand behind the solder pot, and provides a negative pressure over the solder pot in use. The air is sucked in, purified and exhausted back into the working area. Not only is this system efficient as it recycles the clean air back in to the room, it also provides optimal protection for the operators and those in the vicinity of the solder pot.

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