Application Profile: Welding with Model 450 Portable Floor Fume Extractor

Henry Depina [Engineering Manager] of Ferguson Perforating in Providence, Rhode Island, has purchased three Sentry Air Model 450 Portable Floor Sentrys [Model SS-450-PFS]. This perforating and fabricating subcontractor utilizes these Fume Extractors in their welding cell:

Types of Welding They Complete

MIG, TIG, Stick and Contact Welding

Types of Metals Being Welded

Aluminum, Steel and Stainless Steel

How have the operators reacted when having to use the fume extractors? Were they resistant to use at first?

“There was no resistance from the operators, especially when they were made aware of the level of filtering they were getting with the new equipment. The most vocal comments have come from the non-welding operators in the adjacent cells who are thrilled that there are no fumes drifting into their areas.”

Product Efficiency

“We have three SS-450-PFS Sentry Fume Extractors in our Welding cell and plan to add another unit in our maintenance department. The fact that we can get 950 CFM out of a 20″ x 20″ x 14″ Ht fume extractor is amazing.”

The Model 450 Welding Fume Extractor is equipped with a powerful fan and filtration system that utilizes HEPA filtration [up to 99.97% efficient on particles 0.3 microns and larger] to eliminate hazardous airborne fume and particulate. The flame-retardant, self-supportive flex arm allows the operator to place the hood inlet in the most effective position for their particular application. This unit also features heavy-duty casters and wheels that make this unit portable.
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