Product Spotlight: Portable Welding Fume Extractor

Sentry Air Systems’ Portable Welding Fume Extractor [Model SS-300-WFE] is a simple and effective solution for controlling welding fume and welding smoke at the source of emission. This industry-tested unit meets requirements for OSHA’s Hexavalent Chromium Standard and is typically used for applications including maintenance welding, production welding, clean room welding, mig welding, tig welding, and occasional stick welding.

The Portable Welding Fume Extractor is equipped with high-quality HEPA filtration that is up to 99.97% efficient on particles .3 microns and larger and features a flame-retardant, self-supportive flex arm for easy maneuvering and source capture placement. Other benefits include an exceptionally low noise level, heavy-duty casters and a limited two-year warranty on defects due to materials or workmanship.

In a test administered by a third-party Certified Industrial Hygienist in 2007, this unit proved to be 99.9% efficient (inlet vs. outlet) while welding 316 Stainless Steel. For a PDF version of this report, click here. Or watch the video below or further explanation.

Aside from the Model 300 Welding Fume Extractor, Sentry Air Systems offers a variety of other portable and wall-mounted welding fume extractors, including the Model 400 & 450 Portable Fume Extractors, pictured below. This unit is similar to the Model 300, but offers a more powerful fan and filtration system.

The Model 500 Welding Fume Extractor will be available in mid-January 2011.The Model 500 will be our largest Welding Fume Extractor ever sold. This system was engineered to handle heavy welding applications. Preliminary factory testing has proven that the fume extractor can hold upwards of 2,000 + pounds of welding wire prior to having to replace the filter. The welding testing was conducted under some of the most stringent conditions to illustrate the durability and longevity of this welding fume extractor.

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