Product Spotlight: Model 450 Fume Extractors

Sentry Air Systems is proud to announce the newest series addition to our high-quality line of fume extractors. The model 450 is available now for those looking for a system that offers a substantial amount of air volume. According to sales manager, Omar Ilsever, the 450 Series moves a tremendous amount of air while only consuming a minimal amount of floor space (approximately 2 sq. ft). Ilsever states, “there a lot of units in the market that move as much air, but they are much heavier, have a significantly larger foot print, and will consume a lot of energy”. The 450 is designed to hold either a HEPA filter, ASHRAE filter, activated carbon, custom blended carbon filter, or a combination of HEPA and carbon filters. The unit is ideal for welding fume removal, chemical fume extraction, various dusts, and several other industrial processes.

high air volume fume extractor

The Model 450 Portable Fume Extractor [Model SS-450-PFS] is pictured above.

The 450 units are available in the same configuration as the 400 series. The only difference between the units will be an increase in air volume. Ilsever says the increase in air volume is approximately 30% which is extremely significant as this is actual air through the filters, and not “free air”.

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450 Air Volume Chart

95% ASHRAE – 950 CFM
99.97% HEPA – 900 CFM
Activated Carbon – 630 CFM