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"The assembly procedure was very straightforward and I was extremely impressed with both the high quality of the components and their precision of fit. Additionally, the operation of the device exceeds the rated cfm values at all operational speeds.  This ductless hood will absolutely meet my lab room requirements.

Our facility safety and environmental director had requested that I demonstrate its operation to him which I did.  We conducted cfm measurements at various locations and motor speeds.  Negative pressures were recorded throughout our evaluation.  Both of us were very impressed with the results.

We will definitely recommend SAS products for future purchases to our various laboratories.  Thank you and SAS for providing such high quality and superior performing products."

Richard Harthun
Lead Project Chemist
Remington New Product Development
Madison, WI

"We are using your portable laminar flow hood to work with fungi living inside tropical plant tissues; it's amazing to create a sterile workspace in a notoriously microbe-ridden environment like the Peruvian Amazon."

Gabriel A. Miller
Postdoctoral Fellow
Harvard University

“In our machine shop, we perform a number of operations including milling, lathing, welding and soldering/brazing.  Most recently we were tasked with milling a bunch of 3/4" thick plate steel.  The resulting smoke and smell from the cutting oil was overwhelming.  We tried to ventilate the room with fans but it was ineffective due to our shop being air conditioned within another larger shop.  I decided to look for a portable air cleaner which could be used for all tasks.  After looking  at several different manufacturers, it became obvious the SS-400-WFE portable air cleaner was far and beyond the one to get given its compact size & portability, low noise, good airflow, low power consumption, and versatility.  After receiving our SS-400-WFE, I'm happy to report smoke and smell are things of the past.  The SS-400-WFE completely eliminated both. The design is elegantly simple and it’s also well built and should last for many years to come.

We also have very restrictive procurement rules and Sentry's sales engineer, McKay, was very helpful and patient in making it happen.”

Mitch Pinkerton
University of Hawaii
Honolulu, HI

Paulette, a licensed Acupuncturist, utilizes the Sentry Air Model 300 Portable Floor Sentry during moxa treatments. When moxa (derived from an herbal plant) is burned, it releases smoke and odor.

 “I have been thoroughly pleased with the performance of your fume extractor!  One of the ladies I share clinic space with has asthma and is VERY sensitive to odors.  The fume extractor is doing its job keeping the smoke and odor of moxa treatments from leaving my treatment room.  It means so much to be able to offer my patients moxabustion as a treatment modality because it can make a huge difference in their recovery.”

Paulette Hoggard
Licensed Acupuncturist - Paulette Hoggard L.A.C.

Windsor, North Carolina

"I purchased my Sentry Air Systems spray hood to control the fumes and particulates when spray painting custom radio controlled aircraft canopies. I use heavy duty automotive paint and solvents and the hood significantly reduces the odors and air borne particles. It is quiet and efficient and my clients can watch me in action in my paint studio thanks to this great air filtration system!! The sales team is top notch, just like the products they sell. Thanks for this superb solution to my air filtration needs!"

David Humphreys
Tallahassee, Florida

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