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Ambient Mist Collector

Ambient Mist Collectors, or Industrial Mist Collectors, manufactured by Sentry Air Systems, are designed to capture and collect excess mist commonly found in machining and tooling shops. This system is commonly used in conjunction with source capture mist collectors but can be utilized as the primary filtration unit as well. In particular, these units are ideal for situations where direct mounting is not available or feasible.

Ambient Mist Collector

Model # SS-XXX-XXX

What is an Ambient Mist Collector?

An Ambient Mist Collector is an industrial-grade air filtration system with the sole purpose of removing excess oil, water, or lubricant commonly caused by machining and tooling applications; these low-maintenance filtration systems can be conveniently mounted in desired ceiling locations without taking any floor space, and in certain situations be mounted on a stand or wall. Typically used in locations where source capture extraction cannot suffice, be implemented, or may not be practical; or a redundancy is necessary. Ambient mist collectors are utilized to aid in removing oil, water, and lubrication from the atmosphere.

How does an Ambient Mist Collector work?

- Step 1 - 4 Cleanable Mesh Pre-filters – Mist enters the system and is filtered through a set of 4 cleanable mesh pre-filters.

- Step 2 - Oil Bag Filter – Any remaining oil and fine particulates are then filtered out of the air with the oil bag filter and drained into the drain plug to allow collection of oil for repurpose.

- Step 3 - Filtered Air – Filtered Air is released back into the workspace through an adjustable four-way grate.

Ambient Mist Collector

Is your application appropriate for an Ambient Air Cleaner?

Typical applications include general shop mist collection, open CNC lathes and waterjet machines that produce ambient mist, and various applications that produce oil mist, water mist, or coolant mist. This unit underwent stringent third-party testing and evaluation to verify that all internal components are able to withstand a moist environment.

Benefits of an Ambient Mist Collector

  • Significant reduction in oil mist in the shop
  • Keeps the oil mist off the machinery
  • Efficient use of coolant with the recycling of the fluid back into the CNC machine
  • Simple and inexpensive maintenance
  • Adhere to regulations set by OSHA, NIOSH, ACGIH

Installing your Ambient Mist Collector

A highly utilized installation method is hanging the Model 2000 from a ceiling. Alternative options include mounting to our Fume Extractor Stand, placing the unit on a cart or table, or mounting to a wall shelf. Depending on the size of your work area, you may want to consider installing more than one Model 2000 to better cleanse the air and create optimal airflow patterns.

Ambient Mist Collector

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Cabinet Dimensions:
45"L x 24"W x 24"H

124 lbs

Cabinet Material:
16 ga. carbon steel w/ polyester epoxy coating on all surfaces

Fractional Horsepower 3/4

Available Filter Efficiencies:
Cleanable Pre-Filters, Oil Mist Bag Filter

Air Volume:
Up to 2000 CFM

Inlet Size:
23.66” x 23.375”

208-230/1/60, 5.6 amps

Sound Level:
70dba (High) at 6'

Limited two-year warranty from date of shipment on defects due to materials or workmanship.