Ambient air cleaner will remove cigarette smoke from popular bar and grill

Even if cigarette-smoking patrons don’t mind the smoke, workers in restaurants and bars don’t want to work in a smoky environment.

Two views of Sentry Air's Model 700 ambient air cleaner being tested before shipment.

The Model 700 Ambient Air Cleaner shown above being inspected before shipment was purchased to capture the harmful components of cigarette smoke, which can include the chemicals benzene, formaldehyde and acetylene.

One reason you can see smoke because it contains tiny particles of soot.

Research on the effects of inhaled particles shows they can cause inflammation, heart disease and even change DNA-related processes.

Air filtration options

The purchaser of the unit pictured above selected both a carbon filter for odors and a HEPA filter to capture particles.

In the horizontal position shown, air is moved from left to right, first through the carbon filter then through the HEPA filter.

When the unit is in operation, purified air is continuously returned to the room.

Check out this product test of air cleaners smaller than the Model 700. The results are shown in charts that help explain how quickly positive results may be obtained.

Why we use warning labels

Warning labels remind users that filters may contain hazardous substances.

We always urge users use appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), such as masks and gloves, when handling used filters.

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When you talk with one of our applications specialists about cigarette smoke in your venue, you’ll be asked about room size and your estimation of the smoke burden that will be placed on the air cleaner.

Together, you’ll determine the most appropriate air cleaner and its optimum location in the room.

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