Customized Benchtop Ductless Spray Booths

Do you need a spray booth to contain overspray and capture hazardous fumes, but can’t seem to find one that meets your exact parameters [e.g. size, air volume, ducting requirements]?

You may need a customized solution.

There are variety of processes that may prompt your search for a fume extraction & air purification system to control overspray and fumes. Applications might include:

spray painting
conformal coating
• air brushing
adhesive and epoxy spraying

Your criteria for choosing a Ductless Spray Booth should include a variety of factors, from the chemical compounds found in the products you’re utilizing, to workspace setup, to the amount of operators that need to be protected.

Depending on your criteria, you may need to have a spray booth customized to meet your requirements.

Sentry Air Systems offers a line of a standard Ductless Spray Hoods that utilize a powerful fan and triple stage filtration system composed of a unique internal spray filter, HEPA filter [up to 99.97% efficient on particles 0.3 microns and larger], and Activated Carbon filter.

Based on this patented design, customers can request modifications and additions that will better cater to their unique spraying application.

Sentry Air’s standard 60″ Ductless Spray Booth has the following dimensions:


60″ Ductless Spray Booth used for spraying 3mSuper 77
Multi-purpose Adhesive Spray

There are a variety of ways that this standard Ductless Spray Hood design can be modified. Some examples include:

  • Increase in Air Volume
  • Custom Sizes [height, depth, width, sash opening]
  • Custom Hood Material [e.g. stainless steel, aluminum]
  • Anti-Static
  • Multiple Points of Entry
  • Custom Cutouts [e.g. side or back access points]
  • Hinged Lids
  • and more.

Custom Ductless Spray Booth Examples

This 60″ Wide Custom Ductless Spray Hood is fabricated from Stainless Steel.
It is being used for an application that requires an ESD-Safe environment.
This 70″ Wide Custom Spray Booth features a dual-hinged lid
and increased air volume with an upgraded Model 400
blower unit [upgraded from 350 CFM to 700 CFM of air volume]


This 70″ Wide Custom Spray Booth was increased in height [36″ H] and fitted with
two fan/filter units, as opposed to the standard single unit. This configuration increases
air volume and the amount of filtration media utilized.
Similar to the previous example, this Custom 50″ Wide Spray Booth
also features two air cleaners; however, this particular unit offers far more
air volume than the previous example because of the fan/filter units being
utilized [Model 400s]. This unit can reach up to 1400 CFM of air volume.
It also has an increased sash opening (access area) for the operator’s large
parts to easily fit inside the hood.


This 30″ Wide Custom Spray Booth was fabricated
from Stainless Steel and the fan/filter unit was
upgraded to increase air volume. Click Here to read more
about this custom hood.
This Custom 50″ Wide Ductless Spray Hood was
constructed from transparent material.

Sentry Air Systems Engineering & Design Team has years of experience in the design and fabrication of custom hoods. Applications Specialists are available to discuss the details of the materials or aerosol sprays you are using in your workplace in order to choose the most appropriate ventilation and filtration option for your specific application.

For more information on customization options for Ductless Spray Hoods or to start the consultation process:

  • Call us at 1.800.799.4609
  • Fill out this form to receive more information from a Sentry Air Systems Applications Specialist.