Facility Managers: customized hoods may be the solution you seek

Facility managers have a lot on their plate: infrastructure, space, safety. . . .it’s a never-ending stream.

They’re big into planning for new space and its supporting infrastructure, but they’re also securely rooted in the present, where real people are using the workplaces they helped design and implement.

Real people need safe working environments, even as their jobs evolve over time.

This blog introduces our new video on the possibilities offered by fume, lab and containment hoods that are customized to fit your application, in your facility.

Engineered air solutions promote facility health and safety

Work activities that produce hazardous fumes are frequently housed where a designed-in ventilation system moves the fumes out of the workspace.

Modification to or growth in those work activities can produce an additional need for an engineered air solution.

Customized and moveable

We invite facility managers to view this latest video, which shows how our containment hoods can be customized to specific dimensions, air volume and fabrication material.

Because our products utilize patented, ductless technology, they can be set up exactly where they are needed, without adding additional ducted ventilation.

And if the work activity is relocated, our hoods can be moved with it.

Here’s a link to the video: http://bit.ly/WupHbA

All our videos on cleaning air in the workplace are on the Sentry Air YouTube channel.

Screen capture of Sentry Air's custom hood video opening sequence.

Screen capture, Custom Fume Hoods — Ductless, Ducted and Clean Rooms

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