High-volume solvent application required large custom fume hood

In the assembly room, sitting between two dual-operator fume extractors — a Model 450 on the left and a Model 300 on the right – is a test-assembled large custom fume hood.

Sentry Air's custom, stainless steel fume hood for a high-volume solvent application.

In size and design, the hood’s features were specified by the customer.

For example, the lid is double-hinged because the client visualized how the tools used in the application would be arranged and manipulated within the hood.

The hood is fabricated of stainless steel and has interior lighting.

Our customization process insures accuracy

Our customization process starts with a conversation with a Sentry Air applications specialist.

The process includes a conceptual 3D drawing for the client to review before fabrication begins.

More information about our hood customization can be found in this blog: http://bit.ly/YrK7hJ

Examples, more information

You can see examples of custom hoods we’ve designed and fabricated on our website.

Take a look at our animated custom hood video.

And check out our earlier entries on custom hood dimensions and engineering the air.

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