How big is it? This custom ductless fume hood is so big….


Here’s a photo of one of two custom hoods almost ready for shipment. Turns out the customer already has two and ordered two more. Nice.


…it offers respiratory protection to workers who package chemical products, which is why it was designed to expansive dimensions:  60” x 47” x 47”.

…it supports two Model 450 fan/filter chassis, each providing airflow up to 950 cubic feet per minute [cfm]. The Model 450 is the backbone of a series of Sentry Air fume extractors.

…Rudy and Felix erected a shade canopy outdoors to test fit the components prior to shipment.

…it is not overwhelmed by its even larger partner.

…our well-defined custom hood process accommodated the customer’s requirements without difficulty.

 Our small business can go big

Please check out our blog, which documents several custom hood installations.

We’ve also posted the details of our design process, including face velocity determination and conceptual drawings.

Custom Fume Hoods – Ductless, Ducted, and Clean Rooms, posted earlier this year on YouTube, has garnered a growing number of viewers.


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