Product Spotlight: Custom Ductless Spray Hood for Spray Fluxing

At Sentry Air Systems, we design and manufacture a variety of Custom Fume Hoods and Fume Extractors.

Recently, we were approached by a client that required a fume control system during one step of their wave soldering process. Because their printed circuit boards (PCBs) did not fit in the wave solder machine for the fluxing process, they needed to remove the PCBs from the machine and manually spray the flux within a separate contained area.

In order to provide adequate respiratory protection to their operators, who applied Kester 2166-BN flux directly the PCB’s, they requested a fume hood. Requirements included:

  • ESD-Safe hood material
  • A hood face velocity of 100 FPM
  • Adequate filter capacity for an operation that runs 8 hours per day

Based on these requirements, our Custom Design Engineers manufactured a 24” Wide Stainless Steel Hood with a Sentry Air Model 400 air cleaner. Our Model 400 is capable of up to 700 CFM of air volume, which creates a face velocity of at least 100 FPM at the hood inlet.

Filtration Media used for this system includes: A MERV 11 Pre-Filter, Pre-Filter, and a custom-blended 22 lb. Acid Gas and Carbon Filter.

This filtration media allows the system to recirculate room air once it passed through the filter housing, so exterior ducting and make-up air are not required.

For additional information on Custom Fume Hood options like the one you see above: