Very large, custom containment hood designed to manage epoxy fumes

In the photo, Jason test-assembles a custom 90 inch-wide ductless containment hood prior to getting it ready for shipment.

The customer creates precision electromechanical and fluid management components for a variety of industries.

A Model 300 fume extractor will be mounted on the top of the hood to draw fumes into filters that capture fumes before they spread.

The interior of the hood is equipped with fluorescent lamps.

A Sentry Air custom fume containment hood is being prepared for shipment.

A custom fume containment hood, still protected by adhesive film on the walls and lid, is prepared for shipment.

Epoxy, accelerator, hardener

This custom hood was designed to control process fumes produced by an epoxy, an epoxy accelerator and an epoxy hardener.

Together, the safety data sheets for these three products identify a range of health hazards from inhaled fumes: crystalline silica dusts, respiratory tract irritation, depression of the central nervous system, headache, dizziness, bronchitis, asthma, reproductive effects.

Clearly, a fume containment hood for epoxy processes is a good idea.

Custom hood process

We design and build custom hoods.

Typically, processes specific to a customer’s operations and work environment can create custom requirements for material, size, cut-outs, lighting and air movement.

Our custom design process includes consultation with an applications specialist and a detailed conceptual drawing for customer approval.

Custom hood gallery

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