Very large custom exhaust hood will help organize a specialty chemicals lab

This see-thru custom exhaust hood by Sentry Air Systems measures 8 ft x 4 ft x 4 ft.The chemical company lab manager was re-organizing an R&D lab. Over time, dedicated instruments were gradually consuming the lab’s array of hoods.

Re-locating the instruments to one large exhaust hood would allow the smaller hoods to be re-claimed for their original purposes.

The lab manager was concerned about fugitive vapor from organic solvents and odors associated with sulfur containing compounds.

The process of producing a custom hood

Over the course of 13 business days, the lab manager and Sentry Air’s applications specialist Adam Johnson exchanged emails, ideas and drawings.

The final result is shown in the photo above, where the 8 ft x 4 ft x 4 ft is about to be moved from our engineering department to shipping.

In its final version, this custom exhaust hood has:

  • Large, side-hinged, easy access doors on both long sides
  • 100% transparent walls (protective coatings are on the hood in the photo)
  • Two 8-inch diameter collared openings in the top panels for connection to the lab’s existing facility ventilation system.

Our customers do interesting work

We’ve built custom hoods to accommodate the varied processes of our customers, including:

Additional information

You can read about our custom hood process on our blog, where we have 31 posts about custom hoods.

You can see examples of custom designs in an animation on our YouTube channel.

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