When it comes to custom lab hoods, dimensions matter: width x depth x height

We design and manufacture extensive lines of ductless fume hoods, ductless exhaust hoods, spray booths, and portable clean room hoods. Each has different characteristics that can meet most customer requirements.

Our applications specialists help customers select the appropriate hoods for their applications.

Sometimes, though, a customer may need a customized solution.

These short videos cover the most common reason customers request a custom hood: size.

Specific processes othat require extra room for an operator’s movements and/or a specific piece of equipment are often the drivers for a custom hood.

Conformal coating is an example:

Some applications, like pharmaceutical manufacturing, require the enclosure of special equipment within the hood:

Custom hood video on youtube

You can find more information about how and why we customize hoods in our latest online video, Custom Fume Hoods – Ductless, Ducted, and Clean Rooms.

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