Environmentally-Friendly Exhaust Hoods

There are many individuals and companies that are choosing to join the “Green” movement in order to help protect the environment and improve living conditions for current and future generations. In fact, we receive a variety of inquiries from companies asking how they can safely deal with the harmful airborne contaminants that are  by-products of their daily operation. They strive to protect their workers as well as the environment.

For instance, an environmentally-friendly company recently contacted us and explained that they would like a fume extractor [specifically a hooded enclosure] and filtration system for use during a spray painting process at their facility. However, city regulations would not allow them to use a recirculating filtration system indoors, so they were forced to vent outside.

Because this company did not want to vent harmful contaminants outside, one of our Applications Specialists made the recommendation to still use a Ductless Spray Hood with the fan and filtration system, but feed the exhausting purified air into their existing ducting so clean air would be released outdoors. The Ductless Spray Hood can also be built without the fan system [filtration media only] if the existing exterior-ducting system already has a fan that creates sufficient air flow.

An example of this configuration is shown below with an 18″ Wide Ductless Fume Hood [without the internal spray filter that would normally be installed for spray painting applications]. This is an example of a configuration that utilizes both the fan and filtration system before connecting to the existing ducting system.

Several Ductless Fume Hood sizes are available for this configuration and range from 12″ to 70″ Wide. A 40″ Wide Ductless Fume Hood is pictured below [without an outlet plenum and ducting]:

A variety of additional configurations that release filtered air outdoors are also available and include benchtop and wall-mounted options.

The Model 400 Wall-Mounted Sky Sentry with Outlet Plenum is pictured above.
The Model 300 Table Sentry with Outlet Plenum is pictured above.

For more information on fume extraction systems that protect both the operator and environment, call us at 1.800.799.4609, email us at sales@sentryair.com, or fill out this form to receive more information from a Sentry Air Applications Specialist.