Customized Fume Hoods by Sentry Air Systems

Sentry Air Systems offers one-on-one design consultation and conceptual drawings of customized hoods for interested customers.

Sentry Air Systems Engineering & Design Team has extensive knowledge and experience in the design, engineering, and fabrication of various customer-specific hoods. This includes Ductless Fume Hoods, Portable Clean Room Hoods (positive-pressure), Ductless Spray Booth Hoods, and Exhaust Hoods.

Typical modifications requested by customers include:

  • Custom sizes & dimensions
  • Specified hood material & color
  • Hood transparency
  • Sink & other custom cutouts
  • Slip-hatches
  • Accessories for hanging equipment
  • Multiple points of entry
  • Multiple folding hinged lids
  • Anti-static
  • Blower configurations
  • Mounting options

What are the steps to creating your custom hood?

1. The proposed custom hood is discussed with a Sentry Air Systems Application Specialist to determine the suitability and efficiency of its design in regard to your specific application.

2. Once the customer and Applications Specialist agree on the general design, one of Sentry Air’s Mechanical Engineers creates a detailed conceptual drawing that includes technical specifications and configurations.

3. The drawing is sent to the customer for approval.

4. When the drawing and “Terms & Conditions” are approved by the customer, Sentry Air Engineers begin the fabrication process.

5. The lead time for Custom Hoods varies, but is usually 4 weeks after approval of the drawing.

To submit your custom hood request, please fill out this form, email us at or call Sentry Air Systems at 1.800.799.4609.

Take a look below at some Custom Hoods we have completed in the past:


70″ Wide Ductless Containment Hood for
Powder Applications w/ Barrel Cut-out

40” Wide Dual Sided Ductless Fume Hood

70” Wide Ductless Spray Hood

70″ Wide Dual High Flow Ductless Spray Hood

50” Wide Custom Laminar Flow Hood 
50″ Wide Clear Ductless Spray Hood

70″ Wide Aluminum Hood