What are the Most Important Features that Labs Want in a Fume Hood?

Lab Manager Magazine recently released the results of a survey titled, “Are You in the Market for a Fume Hood?”

There were a variety of queries, including maintenance and regulatory questions like “What is the frequency of the inspections of your fume hood?” (The highest rated answer was “annually”) and more general questions, like the reason the respondent was purchasing a fume hood (The most popular answer was “setting up a new lab/developing a brand new method”).

Lab Manager also reported Fume Hood features that were most important to the respondents:

Durability of product  98%

Low maintenance/easy to clean  98%

Performance of product  97%

Safety and health features  96%

Ease of use: ergonomic operation  95%

Low operating costs  90%

Total cost of ownership  86%

Value for price paid  85%

Warranties  85%

Service and support  79%

Availability of supplies and accessories  74%

Vendor reputation  68%

Past experience with product  41%

Currently using vendor’s product  21%

What additional features are important to you? Let us know.
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Read Lab Manager’s full article here.