Energy-Efficient Fume Extraction

In a world where the cost of energy is constantly increasing, it is important to find ways to reduce operating costs while helping the environment. If you’re a company or individual looking for energy-efficient fume extraction, take a look at these facts:

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Sentry Air Systems fume extractors have some of the lowest energy requirements in the industry. The table above shows Sentry Air’s Model 400 Portable Floor Sentry compared to similar units on the market. The Portable Floor Sentry not only requires much less energy, but also produces the lowest amount of noise pollution [approximately 60 dba- taken 3′ away from unit].

The Model 400 Portable Floor Sentry is pictured above during a welding application.

The cost to run the Model 400 Portable Floor Sentry for 8 hours a day/5 days a week/52 weeks a year [based on a 14 cents/kw-hr/115 volts] is approximately $80.37. The second lowest costing unit regarding runtime costs is approximately $308.09.

For more information on the the energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly charactertistics of Sentry Air Systems fume extractors and air purifiers, visit our Quieter, Lighter, Greener page on our company website.

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