Clean air for your STEM Program: Equipment helps remove fume, smoke, odor

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In an effort to prepare our future generation for careers in advanced industries, the U.S. Office of Science and Technology Policy formed a committee (CoSTEM) that will facilitate a cohesive national strategy to reorganize STEM education programs and increase the impact of federal investments

STEM programs refer to advanced-level courses that emphasize science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

According to their document entitled STEM 101: Intro to tomorrow’s jobs, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects overall STEM employment to grow about 13% between 2012 and 2022.

As a result of this national strategy, there is an increased number of STEM programs at elementary, middle and high schools.

Now from a young age, students enrolled in STEM programs are getting exposed to a variety of highly-technical applications and field work.

Soldering (Blue)Protect students from unwanted inhalation exposures

Speaking of exposure, it is important to note that some of the technologies and field work used in STEM programs may create unwanted fumes, odors and particles that should not be inhaled.

Brief examples include

  • soldering robotic components and electrical boards
  • 3D printing prototypes
  • laser etching metal or plastic
  • working with biological specimens
  • mixing or manipulating chemicals
  • practicing data recovery or data forensics techniques

At Sentry Air Systems, we design and manufacture air filtration equipment that works to capture these unwanted fumes and particles.

We have had the opportunity to provide clean air solutions to a variety of grade schools, universities, technical colleges and maker space annexes.

In earlier blog posts we featured a Canadian university where a group of students used our solder fume extractors while designing and building a solar-powered car!

Blog 1 – Solder fume extractor for Canadian university students building a solar-powered car

Blog 2 – McMaster University solar car team puts our solder fume extractor to good use

Last year, we had the opportunity to partner with the Children’s Museum of Houston to provide multiple source-capture air cleaners for their newly opened Maker Annex.

In total, the museum uses our equipment for soldering fume control, laser fume and 3D printing fume control, as well as ambient room air cleaning. [read our blog post]

booth_2230Probably one of the most fun events we had the privilege to be part of was Houston’s Mini Maker Faire. The goal of the faire is to showcase STEM education experiences to makers of all ages.

While at the event, Sentry Air discussed how we use activated granule carbon made from coconut shells to adsorb and capture harmful odors commonly generated in the workplace.

Equip your STEM Program with cleaner air

Listed below are links to some of the most popular products on our website that focus on STEM-related applications. Feel free to browse the individual product pages for detailed information or to request a quote.

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