Fume Extractor for Medical Equipment Manufacturing: Adhesive & Cleaning Processes

The following testimonial features a medical equipment manufacturer that utilizes two Sentry Air Systems Model 450 Dual-Arm Fume Extractors with Activated Carbon Filtration for an adhesive application process and product cleaning process.


This company manufactures medical equipment for Magnetic Resonance (MR) systems.


“[We] own two Model 450 [Floor Sentry Double] Fume Extractors. One is used to control fumes in an adhesive application process and the other is used to control fumes in a product cleaning process.”

Model 450 Dual Arm Fume Extractor


“[We] use each extractor 4-6 hours per week.”


“Prior to using the Model 450, our adhesive application process was located far from our production line because the fumes were very strong. The use of the Model 450 allowed us to move the process back to our production line and has dramatically improved process flow.

Our product cleaning process is now done regularly without complaint from our production team members regarding the strong fumes.”


“Our operators love the extractors; they are quiet and very effective. The easy-to-use variable speed control is a great feature and the adjustable flex arms are easy to adjust and stay in place.

Our operators were a little resistant at first, but that quickly changed once they learned how easy the machine was to use and how effectively it removed the fumes from our production area.”


Collodion, a medical adhesive, is being applied in the photo below (this photo is not associated with the testimonial above). A Model 300 Medical Fume Extractor [Model # SS-300-MED] is being utilized to remove fumes and vapors. For more information on this air purification unit, click here.

Sentry Air Systems manufactures a variety of fume extraction and air purification equipment that is highly efficient on epoxy and solvent fumes. Configurations include: portable, benchtop, mounted [including wall-mounted], fume hoods, multi-operator, and much more.

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