Source-Capture Filtration Systems for Fiberglass Particulate during Product Manufacturing

Sentry Air Systems was recently contacted by a manufacturing company that produces high quality, precision archery products.

Some of their products contain fiberglass material and during the manufacturing process, respirable fiberglass particulate is generated within their CNC machines and enters the surrounding work area.

In an effort to reduce the amount of airborne fiberglass particulate, the company began using general room air cleaners.

Unsatisfied with the results, they found Sentry Air Systems and requested a solution for greater containment. That is when one of our sales associates, Marie Haverstock,  recommended a source-capture filtration system.

Marie explained, “as opposed to ambient air cleaning, source-capture containment arrests particulate and fumes at the source of generation, before they are able to enter the ambient air. This type of air filtration drastically reduces the amount of airborne, respirable particulate.”

The conceptual graphic below shows our recommended source-capture system, utilizing a Model 450 Mist Collector mounted to a stand with dual flex hoses attached to the company’s existing CNC machines.


This complete filtration system provides an effective solution for CNC machining applications by utilizing a unique process of collecting and recycling coolant mist back into the enclosed machinery.

The Model 450 Mist Collector pulls up to 950 CFM of particulate-laden air through the dual fire-resistant, self-supportive flex hoses, and into the filter chamber before recirculating filtered air back into the work environment.

Filtration media includes a MERV 8 efficiency-rated washable mist filter, a MERV 7 efficiency-rated activated carbon pre-filter, and HEPA filter [up to 99.97% efficient on particles 0.3 microns and larger].

Our 7.5-foot high stand saves valuable floor space by elevating the unit, and has been tested by a third party engineering firm for various weight loads and bend radii.

This system provides direct capture of fiberglass particulate as it is generated within the CNC work area – a solution that not only meets their needs, but helps protect the operator’s breathing zone and lungs.

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