World Facility Management Day 2013

Not all professions have an international day to celebrate themselves.

Facility management (FM) does, and for good reason. Seriously — have you ever read a FM job description?

Graphic interpretation of a typical Facility Manager job description

While their formal job descriptions probably don’t look much like the graphic above, they do contain many of the same elements.

Prompt response to change

Businesses change. Their responses to economic conditions are reflected in the built environment they use.

Today’s administrative area is tomorrow’s nano-materials lab…or temporary manufacturing site…or re-packaging and distribution area.

Know the regs

Our keen interest — protection from airborne hazardous substances both chemical and particulate — is important to the success of many industrial operations.

When an existing facility gets re-purposed, the FM has to make sure that protective technologies are in place for the new function.

High performance, low cost

Analysis of our product lines versus competitors confirms this: the modular, patented design of our air purifiers allows us to meet the high standards of multiple industry segments at a cost lower than our competitors.

How we help facility managers

Our 30-inch wide Ductless Fume Hood can be customized with an array of filters and is sized to fit on common work surfaces without the need for specialty furniture or ductwork to the building’s exterior.

True story: the office of a university researcher was moved to the basement of his building, five floors away from his fully-equipped lab.

The researcher’s ability to carry out spontaneous investigations was impeded. 

Solution: to overcome the researcher’s increasingly sour response to the situation, the FM installed a Sentry Air Ductless Fume Hood in the researcher’s office.

New ductwork and remodeling were not required, fumes and odors were not released into the surrounding admin area, and the researcher was free to carry out his work in the style that suited him.

Historic building, problem restrooms

Our Model 200 Portable Room Air Cleaner can be equipped with both HEPA and activated carbon filtration, has low power consumption and doesn’t make a lot of noise.

True story: low-ceilinged restrooms in a building with a historic designation presented odor problems for the office workers there.

The building had a beautiful and elaborate stonework exterior that could not be pierced to accommodate new ductwork.

Solution: Install a couple of Portable Room Air Cleaners, make them stationary by mounting them near the ceiling, and make sure they go on when the light is turned on.

The tenants thanked the FM profusely.

Creating, Sharing & Learning: World FM Day 2013

Sentry Air salutes Facility Managers and the contributions they make to our day-to-day existence.

We hope you think of us when you have to create a solution for a difficult air purification problem.

We’ll share what we know and learn with you how we might best help you solve the problem.

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