Product Spotlight: Chemical Fume Extractor

Sentry Air Systems offers a variety of chemical fume extractors. Portable Chemical Fume Extractors ([Model SS-300-PFS] and [Model SS-400-PFS]) is generally our most popular line. These models can be used for many applications where fume extraction is needed, including:

Model 300 Portable Chemical Fume Extractor

  • epoxies and resins (Click here for information on the hazards of epoxy fumes)
  • bonding agents, glues and actuators
    formaldehyde and cleaners in salons (Click here for information on the hazards offormaldehyde in Brazilian Keratin Treatments)
  • solvent-based cleaning
  • solvent-based rinsing
  • acid etching
  • plastic bonding and gluing
  • melting plastics
  • general odors
  • touch-up painting

This Chemical Fume Extractor is portable and includes a self-supporting flex hose and powerful fan. This unit utilizes activated carbon filtration and various speciality carbon filters including acid gas, mercury, ammonia, aldehyde, and custom blended media.

To see general activated carbon absorption rates on various chemicals click here. The website also contains several efficiency reports for many of the most common solvents and chemicals used in the industry. If you don’t see your specific chemical listed or you need detailed information on filter adsorption rates or filter efficiency please contact our Chemical Applications Specialist at 832-255-7121.

For more general information on Sentry Air Systems’ Chemical Fume Extractor, any one of our Applications Specialists can help you. Contact them at 800.799.4609 or email them at