Expecting something big under the tree? You’ll need the right stand.

If you’re expecting something big under the tree this year, you’ll like our Stand.

On the First Day of Christmas in our 2013 Fume Extraction Wonderland, it’s a big player.

The Stand is almost eight feet tall and engineered to accommodate either our Series 300 or our Series 400 units configured as either mist collectors or as fume extractors.

If your existing ceiling structures don’t support free-hanging air cleaners, use the Stand.

With the Stand’s platform option, our Model 2000 and 650 units can be located above work areas to create an airflow pattern that keeps your products clean.

If you’d like more information about the Stand contact us at 800.799.4609,
sales@sentryair.com, visit www.sentryair.com or fill out the feedback form below.

Happy holidays!

How we kicked off the first day of Christmas in 2012’s Fume Extraction Wonderland:  http://bit.ly/1jqRnYQ