Video Case Study on Occupational Asthma from Welding Smoke

If you’re a welder or are commonly exposed to welding fumes because of your occupation, we recommend watching this case study video produced by the national watchdog for work-related health in Great Britain.

In the video, Phil Hynes, a welder for 16 years, explains how he developed occupational asthma and the impact it had on his life. The illness forced him to quit his job. He now lives with chronic asthma that greatly affects his life with his two young daughters.

Welders who perform their jobs without the assistance of local exhaust ventilation or comparable safety engineering controls should discuss the situation with their health and safety advisor, third-party industrial hygeniest, or other safety professional.

For additional information on welding fumes, visit some of our past blog entries listed below (not associated with the Health and Safety Executive of Great Britain). You can also visit The Occupational Safety & Health Administration’s (OSHA) website for information on the hazards of welding.

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