Chemical and Solvent Vapor
Fume Extractors

Sentry Air Systems offers a wide variety of fume extraction equipment for the removal and purification of chemical and solvent fumes and vapors to assist in protecting the respiratory zone of those working with hazardous compounds and solutions. Typical applications include solvent-based cleaning or rinsing, formaldehyde, epoxies and resins, plastic bonding and gluing, touch-up painting, melting plastics, acid etching and a variety of applications involving chemical and solvent fumes, vapors, and chemical dusts.

Sentry Air's chemical and solvent fume extractors are equipped with powerful and energy-efficient fans and high-quality filtration media. Options include activated carbon filters and custom-blended filtration media such as acid gas, aldehyde, ammonia, and mercury filters. Particulate filters are also available for chemical dust control.

Visit our Data Page to view Industrial Hygiene Reports highlighting several chemicals and the efficiency rates at which our fume extractors are able to remove and control the fumes. A Gas Sensor is available to detect gas concentrations within the filter outlet.