Ducted Fume Hoods and Exhaust Hoods

Sentry Air Systems Ducted Fume Hoods, often referred to as Ducted Exhaust Hoods or Ducted Hoods, are designed for applications that require an exterior-ducting fume hood. These hoods are available in several sizes and are extremely compact and lightweight. They are built using stringent quality control measures and feature hinged folding side panels, a high-density polyethylene base, a clear polycarbonate top, and a hinged sloping front lid.

Typically, Ducted Hoods may be used in chemical laboratories– especially those dealing with large volumes of volatile organics, heavy powder use, chemicals with low odor thresholds, and in a variety of other processes that require fume extraction and exterior exhaust. Sentry Air Ducted Fume Hoods can be an effective and economical tool for providing a safe workplace environment by removing hazardous and toxic compounds in a wide variety of commercial, medical, laboratory, and industrial applications.


Ducted Fume and Exhaust Hoods

Customized Ducted Fume Hoods are Available

The end user is ultimately responsible for conforming to all applicable exhaust ventilation regulations. Consult local, state and federal agencies regarding the suitability of your application prior to venting fumes to the environment. It is your ultimate responsibility to ensure the safety and suitability of your application. For more information, contact a local safety professional (certified industrial hygienist) for conformance and suitability.

  • 18" Ducted Fume Hood
  • 18" Ducted Fume Hood
  • 24" Ducted Fume Hood
  • 50" Ducted Fume Hood