Air Purification Equipment for the Forensics Lab and Law Enforcement

Engineered airflow can improve the safety of processes performed in forensics labs and law enforcement facilities, where unknown substances may pose risks to analysts and airborne contaminants may threaten evidence. Testing of illegal substances (such as fentanyl) requires control of both powders and fumes. Sentry Air's Ductless Fume Hoods capture fumes and particulates before they can enter the tester’s breathing zone. If specialized equipment or weapons must be cleaned with solvents, a Ductless Fume Hood or a Winged Sentry can be put into operation in an office environment to help prevent fumes from penetrating the entire work space.

To protect evidence from contamination, our Portable Clean Rooms Hoods (PCRs) filter the air before it enters the hood to provide an ISO Class 5 environment. The smallest PCR takes up little more than 1 square foot of countertop, a useful footprint for many mobile forensics units. Our 40-inch-wide model provides over 13 cubic feet of space for the testing or storage of evidence. PCRs are also useful for digital analysts who must open hard drives knowing a spec of dust may permanently damage it.

In pathology labs, our Portable and Mounted units draw fumes from preservatives like formaldehyde into specialty-blended chemical filters that reduce fume circulation. Because these units have flexible air intake hoses and can be mounted on walls or rolled around the lab, they integrate easily with existing equipment and work flows.