Product Spotlight: Portable Spray Booth

Sentry Air Systems’ Portable Spray Booth is an optimal hooded solution for aerosol spray control. Our spray booths are equipped with a powerful fan and a variety of filter media, including pre-filters, HEPA filters, and carbon filters. This system helps protect the operator’s breathing zone as well as assists in preventing particles from escaping into the general working environment.

airflow of ductless spray hood

Typical applications include Light Paint Spray, Epoxy Spray, Touch up Painting, Maintenance Spray, Aerosol Spray, Industrial, and many other applications that require spray control.

Sentry Air’s portable spray booths are available in a variety of sizes: 30 Inch, 40 Inch, 50 Inch, 60 Inch, as well as custom hoods for unique applications.

Our units are highly compact, portable, and energy efficient. They also meet OSHA Requirement 1910.107(b)(5)(i):

Standard 1910.107(b) is the OSHA standard for spray booths under the main standard “Spray finishing using flammable and combustible materials.” A spray booth is defined in this section as ”a power-ventilated structure provided to enclose or accommodate a spraying operation to confine and limit the escape of spray, vapor, and residue, and to safely conduct or direct them to an exhaust system.” As a manufacturer of spray booths Sentry Air seeks to comply with and abide all national regulations and standards. As no such regulations exist for ductless spray systems, Sentry Air products conform to those standards that could apply to ductless systems and exhausted systems alike, such as standard 1910.107(b)(5)i.

Click here for the Results of our HEPA Filter Longevity Spray Test (PDF)

Click here for an Industrial Hygiene Report on Paint Spray LEL Levels Test (PDF)

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