Adaptations by customer no problem for our powerful, portable, space-saving fume extractor

Not long ago, Marie Haverstock had an inquiry about fume extraction for a large buffing application.

Marie sent the customer a Dual Arm Model 300 Portable Fume Extractor Model # SS-300-FSD demo unit.

To best serve his application, the customer adapted some aspects of the standard unit.


7-second brag: Customization of our units is made possible due to modular design and selection of appropriate components.


In the process of trying out our fume extractor, the customer created more room on individual bench tops as well as more space for expansion and operational changes.

Sentry Air's Model 300 Portable Fume Extractor with dual arms under a workbench, with adapters for smaller hoses.Because the unit has wheels, its portability adds operational flexibility to workshops; workers can move it to exactly where it’s needed.

Dust collector took up too much room

The shop’s old dust collector took up roughly twice as many cubic feet of bench area as the actual buffing tool.

With our unit, the customer was able to move fume extraction under the workbench, as you can see in the photo to the right.

Because the customer felt flexible arms with a smaller radius were more appropriate for his needs, he added metal adapters to each standard arm so that smaller hoses could be

He noted that the unit continued to supply sufficient airflow, typically called CFM or cubic-feet-per-minute, for his application.

Reduced radius hose attached to Sentry AIr Model Portable Fume Extractor removes buffing debris from operator's breathing zone.In the photo to the right, you can see how the customer snaked the hose through a hole in the workbench.

The Model 300’s powerful motor ensures that debris from the buffing wheels is moved away from the operator and into filters before it can spread throughout the shop.

The customer liked his – and our – solution so much that he ordered over a dozen Dual Arm Model 300 Portable Fume Extractors, plus another for a solvent fumes application.

Standard and Customized Fume Extractors

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