Model 500 reaches elevated heights

A manufacturer of steel office equipment wants to provide appropriate ventilation for the workers in the welding cells at the factory.

Inside the cells, which are about 175 cubic feet in size, welders do MIG welding on carbon steel 8 hours a day.

MIG welding, like all types of welding, produces combustion-derived nanoparticles that are respiratory hazards and should not be inhaled.

In the photo above, a dual-port Sentry Air Model 500 Heavy Duty Industrial Fume Extractor has been platform-mounted at an appropriate elevation to extract fumes from two welding cells simultaneously.

Our Model 500 moves air at 1300 CFM [cubic feet per minute].

This novel configuration makes good use of the unit’s power to extract welding fume from the cells and pull the fume into filtration media.

Large particulate filters on the four sides of the Model 500 trap hazardous substances before they can spread to the broader work area.

Model 500 Micro Pleat Series 1 filters are rated MERV 16, which means they can trap particles as small as 0.3 microns.

[MERV 16 filters are frequently specified for hospitals and general surgery applications because they can, for example, trap some bacteria and droplet nuclei produced by a sneeze.]

Our Micro Pleat Series 1 filters can be cleaned with pressurized air while they remain  secured to the unit. Debris loosened from the filters falls into an emptiable collection pan.

Cleaning the filters returns them to their original efficiency.

You can see our Model 500 Heavy Duty Industrial Fume Extractor in action on YouTube.

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