Custom Fume Extraction Solutions for Multiple Operator Workstations

Most employers care about the health and safety of their workers but are faced with limited work area or limited resources to set up fume extraction systems at every operator station.

At Sentry Air Systems we understand this reality and have designed multi-station fume extraction systems that offer both spatial and fiscal solutions.

Our mechanical engineers developed the conceptual design below, which is intended to supply up to 20 workstations with bench-top fume extraction access.

This system utilizes a single Sentry Air Model 450 unit that can be affixed to appropriate tubing or piping and outfitted with the desired amount of self-supportive flex arms.*

Typical uses include solder fume removal, chemical fumes removal, light grinding and a variety of other industrial processes.

The Model 450 fume extractor delivers a specified air flow dependent on the amount of arms attached and the length of piping utilized. The below chart outlines approximate CFM (cubic feet per minute) based on filtration media and arm count.


1-2 Arms

3-4 Arms

5-6 Arms

7-8 Arms

9-10 Arms

11-12 Arms

13-14 Arms

15-16 Arms

17-18 Arms

19-20 Arms

HEPA & Pre-Filter CFM











22 lb. Heavy-Duty Carbon Filter CFM











This sleek, highly effective system allows source-capture fume extraction for up to 20 operators all within a single workspace. Plus, the single unit system could save thousands in potential costs if you were to purchase separate fume extractors for each operator.

This second conceptual drawing was designed for a customer to give their operators more flexibility at workstations.

Their existing source capture fume extraction system wasn’t adequately sized to reach the full length of their 72-inch long soldering workbench. As a result, renegade fumes and smoke were not being captured and filtered. 

Our solution was to design a fume extractor with flex hoses at 3 different points along the bench, allowing operators to easily grab a hose from wherever they are on the bench without having to move the air cleaner.

Using appropriate piping/tubing* this system easily fit to their existing workbench and is an economical solution to their source-capture needs.

*Sentry Air Systems will supply the fume extractor and self-supportive flex arms but is not responsible for providing tubing/piping or the attachment of any elements to the apparatus.

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