Multi-Station Fume Extractor

The multi-operator fume extraction system pictured below is a conceptual design by Sentry Air System’s mechanical engineers. It is capable of incorporating up to 20 workstations that have access to fume extraction via flexible hoses. Typical uses of this unit might include solder fume removal, chemical fume removal, light grinding, and various other industrial processes. The system can also be used as a central welding fume extraction station for low-volume maintenance welding.

This system is designed utilizing a Sentry Air Model 450 Fume Extractor, which would then be attached to the end of appropriate piping or tubing (not included)and then equipped with the desired amount of self-supportive, flame-retardant flex arms (dependent on the customer’s need).The air flow on this unit is dependent on the amount of arms attached and the length of piping utilized. See the chart below for airflow readings with various filtration medias.

Sentry Air conducted in-house factory testing to determine the approximate CFM (cubic feet per minute) for both Sentry Air’s HEPA filter (with pre-filter,) as well as our 22lb. Carbon Filter based on the number of arms attached:
CFM Per Arm

Sentry Air Systems will supply the fume extractor and flex arms, but will not be responsible for the tubing or piping utilized or the attachment of any elements of the proposed apparatus.

Sentry Air also offers numerous other multi-operator fume extraction units that are viewable at our company website, here.

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