Communications manufacturer finds relief with multi-operator solder fume extractor

A manufacturer of hi-tech networking and communications systems relies on soldering applications for designing and building various parts and components.

Throughout the course of the work day, soldering technicians were exposed to nuisance solder fume and particulate and had to rely on poor air control systems to ventilate the air.

Solder fume is a known respiratory health hazard and long-term exposure is associated with discomfort and illness for employees resulting in increased absences and turn-overs.

The company contacted Sentry Air Systems and we recommended our Model 200 Floor Sentry Double.

The unique design allows for dual operators to use the unit simultaneously. Not only does this configuration save the company money from purchasing multiple units, but the compact design takes up very minimal floor space and the semi-self-supportive, fire-retardant flex arms can be easily positioned for optimal source capture.

Once the unit was in place, the technicians were pleased with the results and were better able to perform their work, free of worry regarding the effects and odor of the solder fumes being created.

The company was very appreciative for our system and thanked us for making their workplace a safer environment!

Model 200 Floor Sentry Double for soldering application

Model 200 Floor Sentry Double for soldering application


Hazards of Solder Fume